Willard's Garage

Some people would like to think of Willard's Garage, and Crow Holler, where Willard's is located, as an imaginary place, based on the area of The Shenadoah Valley, where Wes Freed grew up.

That's one way to look at it. People's minds work in different ways.

I happen to know that Crow Holler and Willard's are very real places. Places where you can sit down and be comfortable doing nothing but watching the goings on of the residents for long periods of time. If you sit there long enough, you may become an inhabitant. If you sit there too long, you may never want to leave.

I have seen many a seemingly 'normal' person, unfamiliar with Crow Holler, begin to read the comic and follow the characters' escapades with vague interest, only to find themselves months later referring to the Willard's characters as personal acquaintences.

A psychologist might tell you that it is because they represent 'the id' or it's because of some Jungian blend of man and his symbols, represented mostly in the forms of Appalachian folklore and Celtic mythology, in Willard's Garage's case.

You may justify it however you like, in order to keep claims to the amount of sanity you wish to present to the outside world. The Reality of it is, that Willard's Garage does exist. Right there on paper, in cyberspace, and in your head. After a few viewings, the illustrations will begin evoking (or provoking) a place that is beyond real, and your mind will accept and welcome it's reintroduction to that simpler and more spiritual area that lies in the 90% of the brain that scientists say is "unused".

Personally, I found my way into Willard's Garage about five years ago. I used to be part of 'the real world', (and still go back occasionally to run an errand or two, or visit old friends who won't come to The Devil's X to have a few drinks with me & Bonnie, the boys & Hex) but for the most part, I find peace of mind here in Crow Holler, and encourage you to give it a whirl too--it's good for your soul.

- Dixie Butcher, onetime librarian, currently wrasslin waitress in residence
  at The Devil's X Tavern, Crow Holler

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