Hexter's Kin

Wes and Jyl were lucky enough to have a couple of young possums adopt them recently. Have a look at some photos from the family album. While you're at it, hop on over to Ward Burton's Wildlife Foundation site and do what ya can.

The Ward Burton Wildlife Foundation - Visit the site and help our favorite driver keep this country from going to hell in a handbasket.

The National Opossum Society - You don't like possums? Then you never really knew a possum... Hexter gives it "two thumbs up", because he can.

Jyl and Dr. Carl Abraham Zimring.

Dr. Ward Burton having some breakfast. Note he's carrying his 'sleeping bag' (newspapers) around with his tail.

Wes and OhNo! AKA Dr. Ward Burton.

Our own little Dr. Doolittle.

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